Glasgow Krampus Market

15 December

Blackfriars Bar, 36 Bell Street, Glasgow, G1 1LG




"Much larger then his counterpart, with fur from head to toe,
Two horns as large as antlers, and claws where hands should go,
All the naughty children, in rusty chains are bound,
They'll smell the stench of brimstone, as it rises through the ground.
The earth will start to rumble, there’s fire all around,
The pits of hell will open wide, and he’ll throw the children down,
So sinister a creature, this frigid hungry beast,
Will eat their burning bodies, for a crispy Christmas treat."
- Krampus, Kenneth Widman

After terrorising Glasgow in 2018, the legendary Krampus will return to the city this December. The beast; often described as an ‘anti-Santa’, will be attending a horror and alternative Christmas market organised by Popcorn Horror.

Heading to Blackfriars December 15th, the market will provide a spooky alternative to traditional Christmas shopping experiences. Vendors are set to include local artists and crafters offering a range of alternative gifts, decor and food. As well as a chance to find unique Christmas goodies, visitors to the market will also have the opportunity to try out Krampus’ haunted carnival, sample his spooky seasonal beverages, and of course meet the beast himself.

Krampus is a legendary monster from Central European folklore, who during the Christmas season gruesomely punishes children who have misbehaved. He is often depicted as a horned beast, who carries chains or whips to to drag children to the underworld. Across Europe there are many ceremonies and festivals dedicated to Krampus, which usually occur on the Feast of St. Nicholas and involve costumes and parades.

Krampus has seen more global recognition in recent years, starring in a film from horror director Michael Dougherty, and appearing as a villain in Scooby Doo. Popcorn Horror aims to introduce the Krampus mythology to Glasgow with this dark alternative Christmas event. For those who want to escape the traditional Christmas music and decor - Krampus invites you to visit his lair for the city’s spookiest Christmas event.

The market will run from 12:30 - 18:00, and is free to the public. Lovers of horror, dark art and folklore are encouraged to visit this one-off market this Krampus season!

You can find out more on the Facebook event page