Glitter And Gore Horror Prom Night @ The Ice Box, Glasgow

31 October - 02 November

The Ice Box Arts and Music Centre, St Lukes Business Estate, Glasgow, G5 0TS





Picture the scene; it's the eighties, you're at your high school prom as a live band belts out all the tunes of the day. Suddenly screams ring out around you, there has been a murder on the dance floor, and not of the shitty dancing kind!

It's not the last murder of the night, can you solve the riddle of the Ice Box Slasher before he claims his four victims? Or will one of those victims... be you?

All the fun of a eighties prom night, with some murder mystery thrown in. Experience the thrills of being part of an interactive eighties slasher movie as four deaths explode around you over the course of the night, then there is only one thing left to do, use the clues left at the scene of each death and unmask the Ice Box Killer before he (or she...) melts into the darkness never to be found again...

We have a run of three nights due to the high demand for this, and we are setting up the event page now as we have folk already wanting to book tickets in advance! This will be an experience like you have never had at Halloween. Eighties, glittery, murder mystery fun, with some terrible dancing (supplied by you) thrown in for good measure. Fancy dress encouraged, but at the very least you gotta wear something eighties. Best costume of the night wins 100bucks, best eighties costume of the night wins 100bucks, if you solve all the clues and think you know who the Ice Box Killer is at the end, and you are right, then your name goes into the hat to win another 100bucks as well as some eighties horror goodies!

Get your tickets. Get your eighties on, and survive the night.

tickets available at ticket point for the 31st, 1st and 2nd - limited to only 100 tickets per night, so we have some extra room for horror shenanigans!

18+ , some jumps scares, some simulated violence, and some harsh language (Glitter* and streamers used in place of gore so don't worry about yer clothes getting covered in the red stuff... although there may be a chance if you are near one of the deaths when it happens that you'll be picking glitter off you for days, after your heart calms down from the jump scare you just had!)

* We use the good, ethical glitter, not the cheap crappy stuff that destroys the planet with it's prettiness