Halloween Tours @ Mercat Tours, Edinburgh

31 October - 02 November

Mercat Cross, High Street, Edinburgh




Mercat Tours have a huge variety of spooky tours happening across Halloween. Details below with links to each one for more info!


Halloween Underground - Times: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 & 19:00

A seasonal Halloween tour of Edinburgh’s most haunted vaults – this descent will take you eerily close to the spirit world.

Unsettling at the best of times, the vaults are even more so around All Hallow’s Eve: the feeble candlelight barely touching the darkness, a movement in the shadows, the cling of cobwebs on a goosepimpled arm.

Prepare for the fright

You’ll meet at the Mercat Cross, where the city’s undead will have gathered. One of them will be your tour guide, dressed in full costume. First you’ll tread the quieter closes and wynds of Edinburgh’s Old Town, full of ghoulish tales.

And then we move underground. Descending into the Blair Street Underground Vaults, you’ll hear of the city’s most sinister side: body snatchers, torture, murder, hangings. Listen hard enough in the dark silence of the vaults, and you may even hear a faint echo of a centuries-old scream.

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Haunted Halloween - Times: 21:00  & 22:00

Delve into the murky depths of Edinburgh’s most unsettling past. This Halloween tour is strictly adults-only, exploring sinister misdeeds and their terrible consequences.

On this after-dark tour your expert Mercat guide will take you through some of the lesser-known closes and wynds of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Bloody plots. Treason. Torture. No story is off-limits – you’ll hear it all.

Deep into the haunted vaults

Forget the plastic pomp of the average Halloween. The haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults are truly scary: your guide in full costume, the candles casting a weak pool of light in the gloom. Watch for unexpected tales in the shadows and listen carefully to the stories of outrageous misdoings from the city’s troubled past.

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Spirits of Halloween - Times: 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00

Raise the spirits of Halloween with a ghost tour of Edinburgh’s spookier closes and wynds, before venturing into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults. Recover in the cellar with a bat’s blood cocktail.

Edinburgh’s crowds have always had a grisly side. On this walking tour, you’ll tread the medieval closes of Edinburgh’s Old Town, as your costumed guide leads you through a world that once thrived on blood, guts and gore.

Down into the vaults, deep into the spirit world

The Blair Street Underground Vaults come alive at Halloween – mysteriously cobwebbed, candlelit, and flickering with menace. Stay close to your guide as the darkness deepens: there’s no telling what hides in the shadows.

Emerging from your tour into the warmth of Megget’s cellar, you’ll rest for a moment with a glass of refreshing bat’s blood or witch’s brew, listening to the final tales of Edinburgh’s haunted past.

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Raising the Dead - Times: 19:30 & 20:30

Discover the Blair Street Underground Vaults at Halloween, with access no other tour company can offer. Then tread carefully to the Canongate graveyard, among the restless spirits of the dead.

The feeble candlelight is little comfort against the gloom of Halloween in the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Experience Edinburgh’s most haunted site at the most haunted time of year: you may see a figure in the shadows, feel a chill breath on the back of the neck, a thin draught in a deserted passage. And all the while, your expert Mercat guide, in full Halloween costume, will spin wild and haunting tales of Edinburgh’s past – all of them true.

Cannibals. Murderers. Body snatchers.

Emerging from the vaults, you’ll pace the dark streets to the Canongate graveyard. Buried there, somewhere among the city’s most famous residents, is James Douglas, 3rd Marquess of Queensbury – the dreaded cannibal of Canongate. Watch out for the unexpected, for nothing truly rests at this fitful time of year.

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Haunted Halloween – The Midnight Hour - Times: 23:00

A walk through Edinburgh’s Old Town, and a wander through the Blair Street Underground Vaults in the dead of night. This Halloween tour is only for the brave: it takes serious nerve to keep your cool in the gloom, among the spirits of Halloween.

Meet at the Mercat Cross once darkness has truly fallen – then follow your expert Mercat guide into the darkest corners of Edinburgh’s Old Town. This is a strictly adults-only walking tour, so expect the worst tales of misdeeds, the goriest details, the most ghoulish happenings.

Alone in the dark

From the damp medieval streets to the dark caverns beneath, you’ll descend into the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Scary at the best of times, during Halloween the vaults come alive. Cobwebs hang from every surface, dim figures move in the near-darkness. The candlelight hardly helps, throwing long shadows against the walls, giving you little more comfort than a small pool of light. You'll experience midnight in the depths of the murky Edinburgh underground vaults.

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