Films you should be watching – April 2018

With Easter over so early in the month and summer seeming like aaagggggeeeessss away, there has never been a better time to head to the pictures and escape reality for a while. But what is worth seeing in the month of April? What should you be handing over your hard earned money to see? We’ve had a look and picked the most interesting films coming out in April (but let’s face it, everyone is waiting for the BIG one at the end of the month….)

A Quiet Place – 6th April

If you are looking for unsettling and creepy, then this could be for you. Set in a world where making any kind of noise could end your life, a family try to survive. Real life husband and wife team Emily Blunt and John Krazinski (who also directs) star in this horror thriller that is already getting great reviews.

Rampage – 13th April

It must be hard to find co-stars for Dwayne Johnson. Most normal people look tiny standing next to him. The answer – make his co-star a giant gorilla! Based loosely on the Rampage video game, this looks like a fantastic excuse to see a giant gorilla run riot and smash stuff up!

Avengers Infinity War – 26th April

We all know that this is the only film that really matters this month. Just how are Marvel going to cram every superhero they have introduced us to over the past decade into one film without making it feel like they are being shoe horned in? Just how will we be able to contain our excitement when the Guardians of the Galaxy meet our earth bound heroes? If anything, it will be worth multiple viewings just for the sheer audacity of it all.

If you are quick, there might still be tickets left for the Big MCU Quiz at the Quay on 26th April

Whatever you end up watching, tell everyone about it! Movies survive and thrive because we talk about them!