Scottish Comics Icon helps tick off Bucket List

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Here are The GeekList, we feature events that are geeky in nature. They tend to be about comics, movies, TV, fantasy or horror. But we would be remiss to ignore a pop culture phenomenon sweeping across Scotland at the moment that appeals to the very foundations of our nerdy nature.

If you grew up in Scotland and are *ahem* a certain age, the chances are that Oor Wullie and The Broons were your first exposure to comics. The sequential panels that showed a story, the recurring characters and sense of place. All of this was present in these comics as well as a strong Scottish flavor. In fact, in 2004 Oor Wullie was voted ‘Scotland’s Favourite Son’ in a newspaper poll, beating William Wallace and Sean Connery!

oor wullie statues

As you no doubt will have noticed, there have been Oor Wullie statues popping up all over the place in the past month so in true GeekList fashion, we’ve broken down what it’s all about in a list!

  • It’s called Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail
  • It’s the first ever nationwide public art trail
  • There are 200 Oor Wullie’s in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness
  • It runs until 30th August
  • The idea is that different artists created different themed Oor Wullie’s
  • Businesses sponsored them to raise money for children’s charities including; Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and The Archie Foundation
  • After the trail ends, the statues will be auctioned off to raise more money for the charities

So how can you get involved? For a start, you can go and visit as many Oor Wullie’s as possible. Here at GeekList HQ, we are itching to cross them off the list in a Pokemon-gotta-catch-em-all-kind-of-way!  You can also take part in some of the fundraising activities centred around the trail or buy some merchandise.

This is an amazing way of harnessing the power of a much loved Scottish icon and bringing people together to raise money and awareness for those who need it most. More of this please! I would love to see some Beano and Dandy inspired art trails. Maybe a cowpie themed one?

You can find out more and download maps of where the statues are here.

You can also follow the fun on social media via Facebook and Twitter

GeekList Editor